How We Got Started

In early 1979, Joan Selby decided it was time to start gathering the class of 1972 together for a 10-year class reunion. She contacted the seven classmates she still kept in touch with and three of them met in Denver to form a committee that would eventually become the Zaragoza High School Alumni Association.

Our 'now extremely dated' offline/hard copy directory contained several hundred names of previously located alumni, former students and former faculty.

The Association was governed by an Executive Committee of former students. We had a bank account in the association's name with the Bank of America and was listed with the Internal Revenue Service. We had an organizational charter which was approved by the IRS and which stipulated how the organization would be run, funds dispersed, and how officers were elected.

The Executive Committee
(latest iteration)

Joan Selby (1972) -- President
Lori Robbins-Murphy (1974) -- Director
Barbara Robinson (1973) -- Director
Steve Stone (1977) -- Director
Greg Titus (1975) -- Director
Daniel Hess (1978) -- Webmaster

About Those Dues

We previously had an annual dues of $25 for Association membership. It provided the member with a subscription to a quarterly newsletter, a copy of the alumni listing booklet, and all special updates. The dues was smaller than the $35 to $65 annual membership fees being charged by other overseas school alumni associations. The money was used to offset the considerable financial expenses that a few of the alumni were shouldering.

At this point, publication of the quarterly newsletters have been suspended, the old directory and alumni rolls are largely out-dated (although some of the information on file may still be valid), and we have changed from hardcopy files to an online interactive directory at this web site.

The 'association' has long since been 'disbanded' and we are now simply a website/resource that is out there for all former zabbies (Zebras and Toros and faculty alike).

We no longer charge dues BUT are more than happy to accept any donations that any of you would care to make to help pay the server fees associated with the web site. In fact, our previous "benefactor" reached the point where was unable to continue paying for the site and your donations made it possible to "save" the site and relocate it to a more fiscally viable server. To keep it going, an occasional $5 or $10 donation will help keep viable the account that the server draws upon to maintain the website.

Donations can be made at this url:

After the website migration is complete, I will soon post an accounting page that lists all donations, funds on hand, payments made, etc.

The Search Continues...

We are searching the internet, phone books and old government records trying to locate our friends. As we locate an alumni member we sometimes also acquire information about other alumni, parents or teachers that they may have in their records. Because the original founders of the association were from the early 70s, the alumni list has more names from these years. As we find more people from the earlier and later years, we are working on building those contacts as well.

The webmaster has now provided a working online and interactive directory where individuals can specifically select which information items will be available to other directory members viewing the directory.

If you have information for us about other ZHSers, please send e-mail to

Zaragoza High School Alumni Association
505 Williams #198
Cheyenne, WY 82007

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